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Nice (Cold) Weekend October 29, 2006

Posted by shwaldman in Family.
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Two nice “relaxing” weekend days this week. First on Saturday we went up to meet some friends at a college football game. It was a 90 minute drive. There was no defense on either end, but that made it fun to watch. I think there were 16 touchdowns in all. Unfortunately, I missed quite a bit of the game tending to the little one who wouldn’t sit still for long. We almost made it through halftime. He just wanted to walk around and see all the sites. He was generally a good boy, but he had to be doing what he wanted at the time. Watching the game was not it.
Sunday was another day with firends – a graduate school classmate of my wife. We spent some time with them at their house, then out to a nice lunch at Red Robin. As usual little man was a little shy at first, but once their little girls started interacting with him, we warmed up. Afterwards, we went over to Chocolate World. It was quick little visit – got a free piece of chocolate and a virtual tour of the process. And of course, we had to pick up a treat for the ride home. But this all wore out Mr Man. He was asleep before we got to the main road. Unfortunately, that meant we needed to get on the road and drive the 100 minutes back home. He did sleep the whole way, which is always good.
Winter is definitely on it way though. It barely got into the 50s all weekend. Have had a few nice days in the 70s throughout October, it is tough getting used to the idea of the cold air, but it seems like it is here to stay for a while.


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