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What is the USA becoming? December 7, 2007

Posted by shwaldman in Politics, Society.
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It has been over a year since my last entry. I seem to only make time to add something when I come across something truly thought provoking. Tonight, I finally watched the Micheal Moore movie “Sicko.” It is an amazing,eye-opening film. Whether you believe him or think it is propaganda, their are some obvious facts in the movie that can not be disputed. Get rid of the very specific detailed facts and think about the things are can not be questioned. The Health care industry is making millions of dollars and there are still millions of people that are refused coverage and care. If you don’t believe that your head is in the sand, or you are rich enough that you can ignore the facts. Every day people make decisions that we don’t know how things are going to turn out, but sometimes there just some obvious things happening that have to be fixed. Health care, education and the government all need to be fixed in the US.
It does make one consider moving to another country. I just left a well paying job at a large consulting firm for a decent paying job withing the local education system. I did it so I wouldn’t have to travel and my family could be closer to other family for support. Does it have it’s down sides? Sure. But there are just some basic needs that have to addressed before all else.
I think the biggest problem we have in the US is that the rich have too much power and influence. It is quite clear that greed runs this country, not what is best for its people. One of the subtle points that Moore makes in his film is how the community will come together to help people in need. But “we” are so fearful of paying higher taxes to take care of the people in need. We wouldn’t have to have fund raisers all the time if the government was doing its job and taking care of those in need.
Would people take advantage of the system? Sure. But would the system take care of that? Absolutely. I realized when I was first out of college, in a great job, living in a downtown apartment that if people need things they are going to take them. So when my apartment was broken into and $700 or $800 dollars worth of “stuff” was taken from me, I could afford to use insurance (and my regular paycheck) to buy them back. The person(s) that stole from me probably don’t have the luxury.
The middle class is disappearring and we are developing such a large lower class because the rich are getting richer and greedier and more powerful. Just ask Congress, if you work in a job that you approve your own salary increases, how hard it is to make yourselves rich? We need to find away to make our government accountable and honest. The jokes about not being able to trust a politician are not funny anymore.


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