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Being sick September 13, 2008

Posted by shwaldman in Family, Society.
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After 35 years of experience, I have come to understand my own body and when I am not feeling 100%. How can you tell when your children are not well. Alec’s eyes are hurting and he is blinking frequently. Ian had a running nose and a nasty cough this week. On Friday I took them to the doctor and Ian has an ear infection and Alec seems to have nervous tick (or just very irriated eyes).

Treating Ian at 3 months with antibotics is concerning. I hate he is already on medicine… just like Alec was. If nothing else, I want them to be strong kids, but I am fearful that these medicine will weaken there immune system in the long run. There are so many bad things in the environment these days, how do you protect you kids? They are developing so fast and there bodies are vulernable that I feel like we need to watch everything that they encounter.

And now Alec has another running nose… it ALWAYS leads to another infection! We just can’t keep him healthy! What is going on?!!? We had a great, healthy summer, but now… not so much.



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