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It’s all a Game! September 26, 2008

Posted by shwaldman in Politics, Society.
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Since the Internet Age, I think Virtual Reality has taken over. Especially when it comes to the political scene, most of us are completely detached from what we see on TV. We could just as easily be playing Sims or Second Life – which is all the rage for people trying to escape this reality.

So where does it end and where does it start? We worry about how all these things affect our children, but who is looking out for all the adults?

Am I the only one that sees all these press conferences with Congress and the President as de ja vu? This feels EXACTLY like the run up to the war in Iraq. The pressure is on and some decision has to be made or the worst could happen. Back then, we acted on false information and look where are now. 

I honestly believe McCain is different from George Bush, but he is still a career politician and is still locked into the same Washington cronyism. This bailout is all about how Paulson, Bush, Cheney and others can make out and get money to their friends. They are taking advantage of the bad situation making the most of it for themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, Obama is a politician too. But I don’t think he hasn’t been there long enough to get tied into this. He bring a fresher perspective and hopefully will be able to find enough power to clean up the situation…. I doubt it, but at least he might be able to slow the bleeding and break us out of this national detachment with Washington. It’s isn’t a different world, it is our capitol!



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