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Connect the Dots: China and Walmart October 10, 2008

Posted by shwaldman in Politics, Society.
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If there is one thing this economic crisis starts to teach people is to examine their spending habits. The media is certainly able to point the finger at all the executives who are paid WAY to much. But they fear offending their viewers by shining the light on the “victims.” If you carry a lot of credit card debt or are upside down with a 0% interest mortgage, you have to accept some of the blame too. But that isn’t what I planned on writting about here today.

There a lot of people that have still not connected the dots in the consequences of globalization. In this age of technology we are better able to track down the causes of illnesses and dangerous trends. We have had lots of outbreaks of problems caused by bad foods and the FDA and other organizations are eventually able to track them down. Then they are able to build regulations to prevent the problems from happening again.

However, we look at the current dairy crisis in Asia, the lead paint in toys last year, the dog food issues in the year prior. These problem came out of China and we have no ability to regulate it. That is a cost. The argument for products purchased from China is the lower price. However, there is a cost to that loss of control. As a whole, we see Walmart taking advantage of people looking solely for these lower prices by offering lower quality. They have the largest percentage of their products deriving from China.

I am not against the trend of globalization. What people need to understand is that when we try to save money by “outsourcing” we incur an alternate cost. Yes, you might pay a slight premium for products made organically or closer to home, but look what you are getting…for quality, control and safety. All I ask is that people be more aware of what you are buying and take personal responsibility. It is as simple as that!



1. Bob & Kelly - October 29, 2008

Hi. Nice message.
We need to use FAIR TRADE in business / purchase dealings. There are standards about what it means (both how to do it & the impact).
We need to be LOCAL in our eating / trade decisions.
We need to be AWARE of our place in evolution (Thank God for Evolution) and the world (the USA economy is a huge unfair abuser).
There is a wonderful play / musical you SHOULD see – Walmartopia, written by Madison, WI folks and being performed everywhere.

2. Paul skojec - November 3, 2008

Yeah, Walmart is benefiting several ways from our financial ruin. Did you see the article in the Financial Times today with the CEO, Lee Scott, rejoicing at the plummeting economy because it helps Walmart’s bottom line?

This was the part that really killed me:

“He included the possibility of Wal-Mart and its Sam’s Club warehouse chain acquiring sites from retailers that were going out of business, with the chance to “negotiate very good rents”.”

After outsourcing millions of jobs they can’t even hide their glee as the economy tanks and they get the benefits.

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