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The Tide is Turning October 10, 2008

Posted by shwaldman in Politics, Society.
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With the economy looking more and more chaotic, McCain seems to be losing ground. Here is a chart from the web site Real Clear Politics. It is really a non-partisian site that pulls in stories from both sides. There is a lot of good information and opinions on display here. But the thing I like the best are all the poll data that are pulled together. These graphs are interactive on the site and you can really drill down to see the details.

Here is what the Poll Graph looked like last week:

20081003 Electoral College Votes

20081003 Electoral College Votes

and here is what is looks like today:

20081010 Electoral College Votes

20081010 Electoral College Votes

What I hope is that this major shift does not create any less sense of urgency. McCain and the Republican Party is now pulling out all the stops. Obama was raked over the coals during the Democratic Primaries. I really don’t see how these attack ads are going to work, but if nothing else, they will motivate Republican base and this is the scary part. Obama will not and should not attack back. I just hope the American people are finally ready to move ABOVE the nonsense. This election is important and everyone still needs to vote!!! We need a change NOW!



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