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Fear Campaign II October 30, 2008

Posted by shwaldman in Politics, Society.
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In the remaining days of the campaign, it seems that the McCain-Palin team have turned to the old Bush-Cheney(-Rove) teams main strategy. If this isn’t Bush II, I don’t know what is. The Republican campaigns have turned the “Fear Him” strategy into an art form. Even though Obama-Biden team has a relatively large lead in most polls (7-10%), I am concerned that McCain’s strategy will work.

The margin of error on most polls seems to be focusing on the “likely voter” adjustment. However, with this latest push, it seems they should be more focused on how well the fear campaign will sway voters as they stand in the ballot booth. Just watch, the Fear strategy could even start to focus on the underlying racism that pervades our country.

Honestly, if you look at other countries, there are places were women are presidents and other racial minorities in those countries are running the show. And here we are in what WE consider that greatest country of the world and race is still is an issue. I can not believe it. Hopefully, this election we will finally be able to look past race, gender, religion and do what is better for the country.



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