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Wii Fit January 6, 2009

Posted by shwaldman in Family, Fitness, Technology.
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Kim picked up Wii Fit over the weekend. I have managed to get on it each night since. I am doing the Yoga, some strength and the Balance Games. I like it, except for the fact that it relies on BMI. Body Mass Index is just not a reliable measurement as it does not take into account muscle mass. But I guess that is outside the possibilities of this type of device – and probabaly beyond it’s expectations. Initially I was listed as overweight. Of course, I had just eaten a big dinner and dessert out at a nice restraurant in town. After a couple of days, that worked itself off and i was back to my more normal weight and into the normal range – under 25.

In terms of the yoga… I have gone through one class once in town. I was not good at all because I am so inflexible. It was interesting, but I just could not get past how hard it was to balance and do what is expected of the postures/positions. Besides being a little embarrassing, I am sure it was distracting to people who are capable of “getting centered.” So, I am hoping regular usage of this thing will get me more there. I was definitely a little sore after the first couple of days. I didn’t do a lot of the strength early on, so it wasn’t that.

In terms of the strength, I am not having too high of hopes for that part. As weak as I am, I think it will provide a good round set of exerises, but I don’t get the sense it would provide a true solid workout.

But I am liking the games. For those who have not seen it, they range from slalom skiing and the ski jump to heading soccer balls to floating a bubble down a river without hitting the banks. I think they can definitely work your core muscles, without making you think about it.

I have to get more into the Aerobics programs. There is just something for me about running in place. I am not sure that is for me, but I did find that doing the Hula Hoop really worked my thighs and I think loosened up my hips.

Anyway, it is fun. I am sure we will all make good use of it in our house.



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