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What’s your passion? January 23, 2009

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This morning I was listening to one of my favorite podcast radio shows, “Think” from KERA radio. Today was an interview with Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D., author of “The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything” (Viking, 2009). You can listen to it hear: Finding Your Passion MP3. Whenever I hear conversations about “following your passions” it does make me think. I have lots of interests and I am not sure how to stay focused on one or another.

I enjoy my work – how I pay for living expenses. And I am pretty good at it. But as this author suggests, this is not enough to satisfy your needs. I don’t think he said it this way, but I think the question comes down to: If you had to do any job, and didn’t get paid, what would you do? But I wonder if this is a frivolous conversation. We all have lots of jobs that we don’t get paid for. Maybe the conversation should be about balancing your time against things you have to do and things you “love” to do.

Of course, the point of his book is more about finding your passion. What is it you love to do? Please Comment below!



1. franklynchusa - January 23, 2009

My passion is ethics and leadership in government

As evidence of his “Change you can believe in” and his efforts toward cooperation, Barack obama has agreed to forgive and forget, to work in cooperation with the felons, embezzlers and tax cheats who destroyed the world’s economy by putting one of the worst of them in charge of the economic and banking bailout.

By the way I like your blog; care to exchange reciprocal blogroll links?

Read more about Obama’s breakthrough on setting an ethical example for the nation at


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