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Emotional Suffering for Physical Suffering January 28, 2009

Posted by shwaldman in Family.
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You know, as a parent, that you had a bad day when the worst thing about your day wasn’t that your child has had an untreated eye infection for a few days. I am in pain tonight. But my pain is only emotional. My little girl Daisy is the one in real pain. Last night she …. it sounds so cliché but… “she fell and she couldn’t get up.” While we were out, she ventured onto the hardwood floors and just couldn’t get any traction. When Kim got home, she was exhausted from trying and it turned out had blown out her knee.

Daisy Doolittle - what a sweetie!

Daisy Doolittle - what a sweetie!

This morning she had a couple of x-rays and while her hips are in good shape, she has a partial tear of the cruciate ligament. Basically, the link between the upper leg bone (fibia) to the tibia (the lower leg) is coming loose. Because of the amount of weight that it must withstand, it is not something that can heal and often becomes the source of arthritis. In the end, she is going to need surgery. At age eight, she isn’t young, but she is healthy and strong. Now it is just a matter of timing on when we do the surgery.
The likely surgical option is called Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO). There is very good article on it HERE. Based on the recovery time, it looks like doing it during the winter where, in our case, her activity is more limited, might be the best option.



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