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Great Super Bowl and Commercials February 2, 2009

Posted by shwaldman in Society.
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What a game last night? Being originally from Pennsylvania, it was nice to have another team to root for, even it wasn’t the Eagles. And the Steelers win again. Yeah!
But as usual the big story is in the commericals. There were lots of good ones again. A couple of interesting stories on them…
1) Since the game is usually on an ABC broadcast channel (a Disney division), the halftime show managed to get in their Disneyland commerical in with Springteen shouting it at the end. It seemed just weird to me.
2) Anyone notice the lack of American car maker commericals? I heard that was a conscience decision based on their financial troubles.
3) And of course, GoDaddy came on the scene a few years ago and made their mark again. Since sex does sell, they had a couple of good “suspensful” ad that probably drew a lot of traffic to their site. For the record, the online ads are much better than the TV version and are no more sexual than previous years’ ads.
4) But I think one of the best spots was from another web site Hulu.com. Their ad features Alec Baldwin and it is a funny, reverse psychology demonstration of their product – a website with millions of hours of TV and movies, clips and full length features. I love their site and have been a member since it was in beta. And the best part, you can catch all the ads from the Super Bowl night there!



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