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Loss of Focus February 25, 2009

Posted by shwaldman in Family, Fitness, Politics, Society, Technology.
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I have lost my focus. I have all these thoughts and interests and tasks running through my head. And here I sit, browsing through random WordPress blogs. I see lots of good sites and entries about lots of things I am interested in…. photography, their dogs, their kids, religion (or lack thereof), politics, etc, etc.

And here I sit – days since my last blog entry – still with nothing to say.
I wonder if it is winter blues. I haven’t felt “blueish”. I even had Strep Throat and feel like it didn’t get me that down. I have enjoyed all the snow – but from the inside mostly, due to trying to keep the little warm, dry and healthy. But boy, has this season been cold. We had a couple of warm days a few weeks ago and the forecast has more in sight, but it was 3 degrees yesterday morning. The swing is big though since it is getting into the 40s today.

My back has been bothering me lately – namely the past couple of days. I think it is mostly from the fact that I had a good run of working out last month, but haven’t done anything of significant for the last 2 weeks. The back and hamstrings have gotten super tight. I can say that I managed to do a little Wii Fit two nights ago and got on the treadmill for 20 minutes or so last night. Hopefully I can keep doing one or the other for the next couple of nights.

So, how do I get the focus back? Over the years, I have relinquished the riens to my wife to plan trips and schedules and such. But at this point there are starting to be things I want to get done that I am letting myself not do. I think I need to put together a plan and get to it. I am good with lists and followed my 16-week workout plan to finish my second marathon within 3% of my goal. (And marathon #3 is going to be within this plan.)

So, here it is – day 1 – put together the list of things I want to focus on and if possible dates. I think I will replace my List of Lists page with the “The Plan.”



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