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Forerunner 305 Training Center Graph February 26, 2009

Posted by shwaldman in Fitness.
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True to my goal, last night I got in a second run on the treadmill in as many nights. And as expected, my back feels a little better still. A little at a time and I will get back to where I want to be. With two little boys and lots going on at work, I am definitely tired at the end of the day, but glad I am finding the will power to keep moving.

Below is the graph from the Garmin Training Center software that works with my Forerunner 305. I just think this is so cool and helpful to track improvements in my running. What it is shows is speed and pace (in two blues) – I ran at 6.2 for 19 minutes and 6.5 for the last minute. I am not sure what cause the bumps other than I probably periodically change my stride length during the run. Also, in orange, you can see my cadence – about 80 steps per minute as well as my heart rate which is in red. I think this is the one I have to focus on getting better. It starts at 160 when I get up to speed and then gradually and consistently goes up until the end where it finishes at 175.

Graph of Treadmill Run from Garmin TC

Graph of Treadmill Run from Garmin TC

By no means is this my max heart rate, but I know 175 is a place where I start to feel the effort level getting high. I will be fun to watch this graph change over the coming months.
Thanks again to the in-laws for a great Christmas present!



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