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Rainn Wilson’s Soul Pancake March 26, 2009

Posted by shwaldman in Society.
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I listened to Oprah Winfrey’s podcast with Rainn Wilson from early March yesterday. She posts these episodes from her Sirius radio show about religion and enlightenment. As a big fan of the show “The Office”, I think Rainn Wilson’s character Dwight is hilarious along with the rest of the cast. And having seen him play other odd characters in things like “Six Feet Under, ” I get the sense he is a little off-beat in real life, too. This perception has been cemented by listening/watching this podcast.

I have been thinking about posting about my thoughts about religion on the Internet and while this is over-do, I am not going to get into my deep thought today. What I want to point out is that this radio interview seemed to be publicity event for his web site: Soul Pancake. The way he described this web site was as an effort to open a dialog, free of judgment about religion, spirituality, and enlightenment. So, I went to the site and there was nothing there. I clicked through several links and continued to be taken to an empty search page. Every search I tried, returned nothing. I even tried signing up and it still showed me nothing.

Soul Pancake

So, I decided to write this review of the site and here I am… I go back to the site today and it was full… there is lots of questions and open discussions going on. WOW! I must have just caught the site on a bad day… now this story is almost irrelevant. Although, I am all for the open discussion and a site that can open communication without people intentional or unintentional hurting each other. I am looking forward to seeing what this site, and all the people that contribute to it, have to say.

My big concern over this site having looked it for a few minutes is that there is come of the expected very “happy go lucky” and “everyone should just get along.” I do not think that is an effective dialog. Sure, everyone (every sane one) wants these things, but saying them over and over does not get the job done. But I do see that there is a lot of open debate of topics the acceptableness of lying, religion vs science, technologies effect on human relationships… all interesting things to me – I plan to read more.



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