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Book Review: Scream Free Parenting By Hal E. Runkel April 1, 2009

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Scream Free Parenting
I bought this book a while ago and listened to it as we struggled with our youngest heading into his terrible fours. And I am listening to it again as we approach the, hopefully fabulous, five. I am generally a very calm person and have a great relationship with my son. But as Hal points out, kids have a way of testing their parents to find out how firm the lines are. And this is where my weakness is – my lines/consistency is weak and he knows it.

So there are times we beat our heads against each other and the wall, but I definitely find that when I hold true to my decision… after his temper tantrum…. we are so much more in sync and closer. The tough part this book suggests is maintaining the calmness when he comes at us looking for a fight. I am definitely appreciative of his insights into how to take the “judo” approach to let the child work out and through their feelings.

That all being said, I think I will probably listen to this book over and over for the next few years. It is a very good book if your desire is to have a calm, close, and respectful approach to parenting. I know I do, but I also know, as saying goes, it is sometimes very tough to keep your wits about your when everyone around you is losing their’s. I think I will keep looking to this book to bring me back to center. I’d say that sign of a good book, for sure.



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