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Raccoon Update #2 April 3, 2009

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We have added a FOURTH raccoon to our gallery. Overnight, in the midst of a spring thunderstorm, another raccoon ventured into the live trap. B & B will be picking him or her up this morning.

Raccoon #4

I did inquire as to where these little guys are being taken. It turns out they are taken to a large farm/industrial area away from people and homes. For us, that means a 45-60 minute hall close to the Metro Detriot airport.

We will be leaving the traps up another day to see if any others show up. I am hoping not because at $69 a piece, this is starting to get expensive. But I would rather pay now than have to pay to repair damage to our new deck, our house or worse yet, having to remove them from somewhere in the attic.



1. shwaldman - April 6, 2009

On Saturday, we had three more raccoons. We had B & B remove them and take the traps. Who knows how many more we would have trapped. It would take a long time and a lot of money to clear out all the raccoons in our little corner of Milford.
I removed the trap and, per their suggestion, will spray some clorox/water mixture around on the ground as a deterant.

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