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Book Review: Be The Pack Leader by Cesar Milan May 1, 2009

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Be The Pack Leader
This is a good book – plan and simple. I am a fan of Cesar Milan to start with although I don’t watch his shows much anymore. I think he takes a straight forward approach to enlightening people how their relationships with dogs are their own responsibility. He makes it clear that as much as we love our dogs and want to treat them as our children, they are dogs. He draws comparisons to the real children and dogs in our lives and demonstrates how calmness and consistency can make all the difference.

Dogs definitely do best in an environment where they know the rules and know who is in charge. The dogs that are often the worst behave often live in houses where the people raising them are not clear who is in charge. It is not the responsibility of the pet to change. This book walks the reader, the owner through the common mistakes people make in how they let the dogs take charge.

The chapters were clear and nicely broken up. The end of the book felt a little scattered in audio format because it was more of a list format of different problems, scenerios, and suggestions. However, it covered lots of ground and made lots of sense. I definitely recommend this book to people raising dogs and need an eye opener to see what inconsistencies they might be having in their pet relationship.



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