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Drug Side Affect: Zyrtec Heart Rate and Dizzy May 7, 2009

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I have been taking Zyrtec for a couple of years now. Four years ago, I saw a allergist and he had me try Claritin and Advair. The Advair helped, but the Claritin had little affect. So, I switched to Zyrtec. Later it became an over-the-counter drug and made it easy to get ahold of, but still worked just as well.

The past couple of years, I would get a “cold” in the late winter and from that point on, I would have running nose and sore throat. Left untreated, I had gotten respritory infections. This year, I took a proactive approach and started taking the allergy medicine in February and March as soon as I felt the scratchy throat coming.

That was really working well for me until this past weekend. I take my medicine before bed 1) so I don’t forget and 2) in case it makes me sleepy,… I am already going to bed. Well, I finished a bottle of the Zyrtec I had since February on Friday night. So, on Saturday night, I started a new bottle that got from Costco when then had a coupon last month. Now Saturday had been a very long day, I worked in the yard early in the day and then we had a big house party and I spent a fair amount of time carrying the little one around so he didn’t get stepped on. (I only bring this up because that and the yard work can really do a number on my back.)

A couple of minutes after I took the medicine on Saturday night, I noticed I felt a little dizzy. I immediately associated it to my back and the long day. I didn’t think much of it, but knew I would wake up with a very sore back. When I did wake up, I was groggy and tired and felt like my back was very sore (which really equates to a tired blah feeling). I didn’t even think about the Zyrtec.

The next night, I had a similar response, though the dizziness was less and felt like my heart was racing a little. Again, I didn’t think much of it until morning when Kim said she had taken a Zyrtec and had similar effects. So, I skipped it on Monday night and had no similar problems, although woke up with a scratchy throat. I decided to try a Claritin, but like before that had little effect. I took another Claritin the next night and had again no dizziness or racing heart, but no relief from the allergy symptoms.

So, last night I decided to try the Zyrtec and sure enough, my heart raced for a bit. It was kind of like my heart thought I was walking around fast, but I was lying in bed. It is an odd sensation for sure. So, I don’t know if the ingredients changed, or what. Kim was not able to find anything on the Zyrtec website or the Costco website. Obviously, I need to stop using this bottle, but we are going to get another bottle from the drug store and see how that goes. More on this later.



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