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Sick Puppy May 18, 2009

Posted by shwaldman in Family.
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Our baby Trevor went to the vet early this morning with a very tender belly. He managed to get into the trash on Friday night and swallowed a chicken bone. So, I thought perhaps that had gotten lodge on the way through him. But the x-rays showed no sign of the bone but they did show a completely full stomach and bowels.

Trevor Jan2009

Subsequent blood work showed that he his liver enzinmes were way too high. This too could be related to the body trying to digest a foreign body, but is definitely a something to be concerned about. (He has had higher than “normal” levels, but these were out of the ballpark.)

He managed pass some stool mid morning after receiving an enema. However, his mood and demeanor went downhill after this instead of improving. The doctors were a bit worried so they ordered an ultrasound to see what the x-rays would not show. And what they found was something on or around his liver. Now we are in the wait and see mode until they can do a laproscopic biopsy tomorrow. Poor baby!



1. shwaldman - May 20, 2009

Trevor is home tonight as we await the results of his biopsy. We are all on pins and needles, but it nice to have him home.

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