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Update on Allergies and Zyrtec May 26, 2009

Posted by shwaldman in Fitness.
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After I posted my messagea bout Zyrtec, my allergies got “worser and worser” (as Alec would say). Since we did not make it to the store to get a different bottle of allergy medicine, I just went back to using the same bottle. Fortunately, I had not adverse affects. I think being off it for a couple of days made it harder to catch up on attacking the allergies – or however this medicine really works. But it definitely helps me.

Then the other day, Kim mentioned it to the pharmacist in town and he concurred that Zyrtec can definitely cause those side affects. Despite the fact that we could not find anything on the web about it, it has been reported quite a bit. He also mentioned the Claritin is useless, which I could have told you!

Last week, I also came across this cool website. I often use AccuWeather.com to get the weather forecast. But recently a more important forecast was the pollen count. I came across Pollen.com and it graphs out what is expected in our area for the highest allergies. It has been helpful to suggest which days to stay inside a little more or which days it should be ok to head out without getting pounded with itchy eyes, running nose and tight chest – those are my big symptoms.

Thanks in part to a couple of days of thunderstorms, this week should be good one. And I think based on the 4-day forecast and the 30-day history that is available, it is clear that we are finally, as May closes out, on the waning end of my suffering!



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