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Update on Trevor May 26, 2009

Posted by shwaldman in Family.
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Morning of 5/26: Trevor goes into surgery this morning. We are all waiting with baited breath. When I last posted, he had his ultrasound and it showed some abnormal darkness around his kidney. They did a biopsy and the results came back on Friday. Unfortunately, they could not be sure what exactly the area was. It was inconclusive. It may be benign or malignant, but without being able to investigate further, they would not know.

So, we scheduled him for surgery. He is a spry 13 1/2 year old in pretty good shape, so the doctors agree, his body take the toll surgery and recovery can take. They just need to get in there and figure out what is going on to cause his blood work to be so out of whack.

He was a little sluggish this weekend, but overall seemed okay. We went for a couple of short walks and even with the warm weather we had, he kept up quite well. He loves to explore outside, so that definitely keeps him going. He is such a trooper and I fully expect to hear great things this afternoon from the vet… will keep posting….

Afternoon of 5/26: Trevor came out of surgery doing very well. The surgeon said the mass was located along the body wall next to, but not attached to the kidney. I think we can suspect the mass was putting pressure on his organs causing them to react in some way. But they were able to remove it cleanly with minimal bleeding. At last check, he was recovering well and only a little dazed by the general anesthetic.



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