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Aggegrator or click, click, click July 6, 2009

Posted by shwaldman in Society, Technology.
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A few months back, I setup my IE browser (yes, I still use IE – but that is a different post) to hit the max 8 homepages when it opens. I picked the eight sites based on things I need for work as well as news and weather sites that help keep me abreast of things going on. It made it very easy to cycle through them and check them through out the day. I could get the weather, headlines, local news at the (three) clicks of the button.
So, now I am trying out something others have probably been using for years… iGoogle. Yahoo and MSN have allows customizing their “my” pages, but Google seems to have a lot of applets that take the customization to the next level. I experimented with this in the past but it was slow and seemed buggy. I am hoping I can work out any issues in this new attempt. I like the idea of being able to simplify and reduce the number of IE pages I have open at any given point…. I know, I should probably be using Firefox, but a lot of the business apps I use do not support it.



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