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Historical Questioning of Text July 11, 2009

Posted by shwaldman in Society.
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I was listening to a podcast of radio talk show in Texas, called Think on KERA the other day. They were discussing a book written about the books of the Bible by a university history professor. And I will admit that I know quite little about the Bible. However, I know enough about the Christian religion that it is supposed to teach openness and forgiveness. The author was discussing the different books of the Bible have discrepancies that can not be explained.

What I found interesting (at least enough to blog about)…. was how someone called in and made very disparaging comments about the author and his findings. She even went as far as saying she would not listen to this radio show any longer. Her tone was obviously one of anger and almost fear – the host, author and other callers were all clearly taken aback by this woman’s reaction.

My interest in this interaction took two directions… 1) was in the findings of the book and 2) was the reaction of the caller. Even I know, that the Bible is made of my several books, written by different people. These people all had different viewpoints and recollections. Much like the childhood game, Grapevine, where a message or story is passed down the line and everyone waits to hear what the differences are between what the first person said and what the last person heard. To me, these types of things are not at all surprising and after 2000 years, one would think most people would recognize these problems without surprise.

But the real concerning interest that I had in this call was the true energy and what I think was fear this caller was expressing. It really troubles me that a belief system that is supposed to give someone faith and enlightenment could cause such a reaction at the acknowledgement of discrepancies. I would not at all classify this person as a religious fanatist, but it looks like this is what religion is becoming. Everyone is right and everyone else is wrong. I hope that people start to understand what religion or any spiritual beliefs truly are… a person method to guide and lift the individuals through their personal life… no one is right or wrong when it comes to spirituality.



1. sirrahc - January 17, 2010

“no one is right or wrong when it comes to spirituality. ”

That last statement grabbed me, ‘cuz… isn’t much of your post, especially the last few sentences, about spirituality? You make claims about “what religion or any spiritual beliefs truly are”.

So, if no one is right or wrong, why should I give any more credence to YOUR claims about religion and spirituality? Your statement commits logical suicide!


2. shwaldman - January 18, 2010

ok – I suppose I get your point, in a twisted kind of way. But it sounds like you did not get mine. I was saying that religions often become closed minded and fearful of other thoughts. The caller to the radio station (NPR, what I was consider a true news organization) was willing to swear off this whole show because they were interviewing someone she disagreed with.
And as to my last statement, spirituality is, to me (and as taken from the dictionary): the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul OR
an attitude or principle that inspires, animates, or pervades thought, feeling, or action. These are personal, individual, intimate feelings. Religion is a community of people of like principles. However, when the individuals lose sight of this as their own personal journey and attack others, it becomes a destructive situation. This is how “holy” wars are started. This author was merely discussing the obvious contradictions of the books – as other callers on the show, who in principle agreed with the caller, pointed out. But they did not have the same reaction of hatred.

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