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Good Advertising and BAD advertising August 25, 2009

Posted by shwaldman in Fitness, Society.
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This past weekend, Milford threw a day long party for bicycle racers. They got to fly around our little town at about 30 MPH for nearly six hours. It was awesome to see 30 some riders barrelling down the street, wrap around the .92 mile loop and return just two minutes later. It was a great event. It highlighted the quaintness of our town and, I am sure brought some people into the area that rarely, if ever, would have visited without it.

Unfortunately, the weather was not beautiful, although I think it actually worked out better that way. If it was too hot, it would have been a rough day in the saddle for the racers. But it did mean that few people probably came out to watch – I don’t think it ever rained, though, but it did before and then later in the evening afterward. Our whole family went down. I helped setup in the dark of the morning and went back with the our group later in the afternoon. In the mid 60s, it was Fall-ish, which for August felt chilly, but it was comfortable with light pants and light sweatshirt or jacket.

Here are bunch of pictures and videos from the event: Milford Crit 2009

Of course, the main streets of town had to be closed for longer than that to protect the bikers and on-lookers. So, what upset me about this event was the reaction from the business owners in our little town. Now, the economy in Michigan is pretty bad, so it doesn’t surprise me that they would be upset that would-be customers couldn’t drive along the main street. But do you really think it is a good idea to bad mouth the event for all the world to see? It is one thing to think it and entirely another to do this…
Klancy's Diner

This diner, called Klancy’s, sits on the edge of the main street. It is a quaint little place that relies on local business for a hometown feel. But as a person who supported this event to draw attention to Milford, MI, it upsets me that they would put out a sign like this. As soon as the baracades went up, they were complaining that they wanted to be reimbursed for their lost revenues. They had months of warning and notification, but they chose to be the martyr. There were so many other ways to handle it and yet they demonstrated how unwelcoming they can be. I can tell you, our family will stop visiting this diner and certainly will not recommend it to anyone who asks.



1. Andy - August 3, 2010

As a local resident and participant in the race I agree with your views 100% about the arrogance of the business owners and how they are completely blind to the fact that their businesses benefited from and influx of additional people to the area. Maybe Klancy’s should give back all of the profits that they received from patrons that were there because of this race. Instead of taking time out and making a sign to complain about an issue may be they should have better used their time to find a solution to the problem. That would have been true customer service and dedication. As stated above this race has been planed for many months in advance, in which plans could have been made to allow for senior citizens transport to the restaurant. Me and my wife (w/o friends) have dined at this establishment many times before and will never again after this showing of juvenile thought and action.

This is the same for the local Starbucks as well. After my race in the morning my wife and I went to get a coffee and had a similar reaction of unwelcomed patronage. I understand that the race caused a change from the standard operating procedure but lets face it folks you are in the service industry and therefore need to be a little more appreciative of the business that comes in through your door. To hear a Starbucks employee complain that these people (cyclists) are just here for the race, are arrogant, from out of town, and are such a pain to have to deal with really sells the impression that the employees and businesses owners in Milford have a very skewed thinking and perception of themselves. Main Street Milford is a great place to be any night of the week but unfortunately the impression that you left on many people’s minds (including a local) was not of the beautiful welcoming little quaint town but rather arrogant, oppressive, you don’t belong here mentality.

2. shwaldman - August 3, 2010

Andy, I wonder if you attended the race in 2010 and/or 2009. This post was from 2009 – the first year of the Crit. This past Sunday, I felt the mood was a little different and was SHOCKED by a formal sign displayby by this same diner with the Crit logo and reading: Klancy’s Welcomes Racers & Race Fans
Talk about a 180 degree change.

3. Andy - August 3, 2010

My original post was from Sep-Oct 2009 don’t remember when I wrote it. Not sure why it shows the 2010 date on there. The mood was great this year and so was the weather! I have been to the crit both years now and will say that yes!!! Klancy’s stepped up this year 2010. I was injured this year so I could not race and actually had breakfast outside and watched the race from Klancy’s. My wife and I were glad to see they turned their thinking around from last year. (I ate my words). I still will not go to starbucks to get my coffee and would rather support the local non-chain coffee shops. That is another story… Can wait for 2011… The Little kids race was great!!!

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