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Microsoft always playing catch-up… marketing! September 8, 2009

Posted by shwaldman in Technology.
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Zune vs iTouch

This month, Microsoft will release a new personal media player, the Zune HD. It is the equivalent of Apple’s move from iPod to iTouch. It is touted to be technically superior to Apple’s iTouch hardware. Of course, it will likely not fair nearly as well in the mass market all because of marketing. Microsoft has the most widely accepted operating system and office productivity software. But developers and hackers do not like Microsoft. Therefore, there will not be nearly as many applications developed for the Zune stores.

Apple will anounce their new line of updated media players on September 9th, generation #3. Microsoft finally releases its Zune HD on September 15th. So far, it looks like there will be nearly $75 difference on the highest 32 GB models (in Microsoft’s favor). They both will obviously have wireless networking and touch screens. Word on the street is the iTouch will add a digital camera. But for me, the big draw in interest to the Zune is the HD output as well as the HD radio. I think that is huge. There are very few portable HD radios on the market and this is essentially a computer plus the HD radio. Now, let’s hope the Zune supports flash and java players so any online content can be relayed onto the big screen!

(Note: a few hours after I posted this, Apple dropped its prices – the 32GB iTouch went from $399 to $279 (practically the same as the proposed Zune HD 32 GB) – in preparation for it’s big 9/9/09 annoucements.)



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