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Surgery at last for Daisy October 3, 2009

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Last January I posted about Daisy hurting her knee. After nearly 9 months, we decided to go ahead with the surgery. She clearly was suffering at times and the pain and anti-inflammatory medicine appeared to be causing some diaherra. She is a healthy strong girl, so we expect her to be with us for quite some time. Yesterday, she received a tightrope surgery. The surgeon and vet offices has said she is doing well and she came home last night. They say it is 8-12 weeks of recovery, but after that she should be as good as new.
The hardest part will be keeping her from running and jumping, but with winter coming, hopefully we will inside with her more and she will have more time to recover.

So far, she is trying to do everything she normally does – let go upstairs (I had to escort her down once so far), jump up on the couch and ottoman (so far, we have been able to stop her), and she is even putting a little pressure on her (recovering) leg. The canine species is so amazing in this way. She is quite the stoic girl.



1. Jude - January 21, 2010

How is Daisy? I found your blog when I was trying to see if I could find my own – daisydoolittle.wordpress.com As one dog owner to another I hope she has fully recovered!!

shwaldman - January 21, 2010

Daisy is doing “okay”. She is still limping a bit and definitely seems to be in some pain at times. She has lost a lot of muscle in her left leg. We are still working with the surgeon to determine the best course of action. I wish I could say she has made a full recovery, but I am afraid we may have waited a bit too long to perform the surgery and arthritis set in some. Hopefully the surgeon will have some good ideas when we go to see her again next week.

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