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What Happened 5 Minutes Ago? October 9, 2009

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How is it possible that a five year old can remember things from a year and a half ago, but has no idea what happened 5 minutes ago? This morning Alec asked me about Easter from before he was four. He asked me to go to the toboggan run we did a couple of times the last couple of years. I asked him what clothes he put on before we left the house. I asked him what he had for breakfast. He had no idea. When I ask him what happens and school and he can only remember what happened last week.

I searched online and can find no information. There appears to be no research on this subject. It does raise a little concern for us that he can’t remember. As a kindergartener this may start to undermine his ability to learn. He is starting to learn how to read, but when we help him with the letter sounds, he forgets two minutes later. How is that possible?

I really hope we figure this out. Hopefully someone out there will search just like I did and come across this post. Please cooberate. Please tell us we are nuts and everyone goes through this. We know he is a bright, creative kid, he just needs to get through this phase.



1. Stephanie Smith - October 11, 2009

Hey – I just read your thoughts on memory. You know that long term memories have more probability of being recalled then something that happen a short time ago in a Alzheimers’ person.
It would not surprise me that because of young kids and their their difficulty at times focusing on one thing at a time will cause an inability to form a concrete memory.
Just a thought…

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