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How strong would you be? November 13, 2009

Posted by shwaldman in Family, Society.
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In the face of tragedy, how would you react? How would any person react if their life was turned upside down? Tonight, for my treadmill entertainment, I watched Season 8, episode 7 of The Biggest Loser. On it, the contestent Abby was a main centerpoint of the show and ultimately ended up being eliminated, but that is not the point, for her.

Her story is horrific. Two years prior to the show, her husband and two young children were killed in an auto accident. (Another driver was travelling over 100 MPH and smashed in the car those three were travelling in.) She joined the show, in part to lose weight, but it has become more evident that she needed the support and motivation to find herself. After seven weeks on the show, it is quite evident that she was crazy strong – not in a physical sense, but emotionally. She aired her very private lose and while she had grieved and moved on from the lose of HER ENTIRE FAMILY, she also lost herself. This show is hard for its contestants. They have to battle their weight gain and (usually) some underlying cause.

This woman truly demonstrates a strength that is admirably. I think she is starting to know this on her own, but she is an inspiration to many people, not for the way she performed on the show, but for the way she is living her life.

On another note from this episode, one contestant managed to set a new record for weight lose on this show. He lost a total of 101 pounds after being on the “ranch” for only seven weeks. Yes, that is almost 14.5 pounds per week – 2 pounds each day! That is crazy.



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