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Kindergarten Parent-Teacher Conference December 8, 2009

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Tonight we had or first “big boy” parent-teacher conference with Alec’s Kindergarten teacher. Like most parents, I suspect, there was a little anxiety on our parts heading into the meeting. We have heard this teacher is very straight-forward and has no problems telling it like it is. We have always hoped and thought our first was smart and on target for a kindergarter. But you never really know. He enjoys going to school and has a very creative mind. But we have our challenges. So, what was the verdict?

She told us everything we could have hoped for. She said he is a bright and creative kid. He is right on target and shows glimmers of being ready to read – which we have really been hoping and working toward. He loves being read to, but he finds it so relaxing and interesting, we have had trouble getting him into it for himself. But he is still having trouble with a few letters/sounds. She did give us some tips and we talked about how we can emulate her teaching methods at home.

He is also on target with his numbers. He knows a couple over 10 and seems to take interest in learning them. We continue to work with him on adding and subtracting numbers, which he does pretty well. And of course, she noted his constant interest in creativity which she has to work to redirect at times. Just today he was working making hats with some his friends… unfortunately it was at the writing center instead of the art center. And we gave her a tip on how to improve cleanup time, which Alec usually does well. But he does tend to get distracted organizing the colors, shapes, or creating something… just today the class was headed toward missing the bus because the kids weren’t getting it done. We suggested stickers for rewarding their cleanup and we know Alec will be all over that.

So, we went into the night on a little bit of an edge and came out quite pleased. It was a good night for sure and we are happy with how Alec is doing academically. Sure, we have areas where we can improve with him, but we are so pleased with our little man.



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