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Movie Review: Management January 1, 2010

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Netflix Synopsis: Golden Globe winner Jennifer Aniston stars in this comedic tale as a traveling art saleswoman who makes the mistake of her life when she shares a one-night stand with a dim-witted motel manager (Steve Zahn) who takes to following her all around the country. Woody Harrelson and Fred Ward also star in this romantic comedy from writer-director Stephen Belber.

This movie was funny, but not just in a “ha ha” ROTFL kind of way. The casting of Aniston was interesting because it was similar to her role on Friends where she played a unsatisfied, underachiever. But as a celebrity, she has this aura of excellence and superiority that confuse the characters she plays. Steve Zahn on the other hand, was perfect casting. However, I did feel like his character’s personal growth over the course of the movie was inconsistent and felt overly accelerated. And Woody Harrelson played the complicated bully.

I felt this movie was enjoyable and sad and funny. It was worth time spent watching it. Given the awkward nature of the Anniston and Zahn’s characters, I am not sure the chemistry was 100% believable. But I think that is in part what made this movie interesting.



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