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Movie Review: The Girlfriend Experience January 8, 2010

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Netflix Synopsis: Filmed in about two weeks on a budget of less than $2 million, director Steven Soderbergh’s experimental feature focuses on the life of a high-priced New York City call girl, played by bona fide porn star Sasha Grey. The movie tells its tale in nonlinear fashion, throwing random scenes at the viewer, who must piece together the puzzle to understand the story. Other than Grey, the actors are nonprofessionals who improvised many of their scenes.

Surprising this was a really good film. It has the same production quality as a huge budget film. It wasn’t as much about acts as it was about emotions. Even though it was presented in such a “non-linear” fashion, the movie really flowed. It was not as confusing and hard to follow as other movies that try this. I am not sure if it was because of the storyline or the presentation, but it was kind of suspense in trying to figure out how the characters were going to develop and react.

Of course, it was almost like a documentary, but Sasha Grey was excellent. Not that I have ever seen her other work, in no way did this feel like a porn. She was sexy and her emotions felt real and her performance was on par with any other top actress. I look forward to seeing her in other feature films.



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