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Movie Review: Frost Nixon: The Original Watergate Interviews January 9, 2010

Posted by shwaldman in Politics, Society.
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Netflix Synopsis: In this edited collection of interviews, tenacious British journalist David Frost conducts his now-famous 1977 talk with Richard Nixon in which the former president candidly discusses the Watergate scandal and its aftermath. Additional footage includes Frost’s reflections on the interview and his reaction to “Frost/Nixon,” the Tony-winning stage play and subsequent film inspired by his history-making work.

I decided to watch this documentary of the original interviews with Richard Nixon because I heard the recent drama, Frost/Nixon was supposed to be very good. (Also because they were available for online Instant Watch on Netflix.) And I wanted to get the factual, original background for which this new movie is based. I also knew very little about the events of Watergate. So, I found this 75 minutes of conversation to be interesting. Given the charged nature of these events, I felt the two participants to be very respectful and open to each others point of views.

I can’t not say I learned a ton about the actual events themselves. For that, I have used a little web searching and reading where I could find additional information. I found Wikipedia to be more than enough to understand the basics of these events. However, for anyone interested in politics and history, I think these interviews are very interesting. For course, in this day and age, it is difficult to swallow any comments made by a politician, but given the nature of the situation, the conversation was informative in the sense of the view point of the resigned President and his “recollections” and emotions.

I look forward to seeing how the drama corresponds to these interviews. I also noticed that the complete interviews are available on two discs from Netflix (and elsewhere I am sure), but that is more than I need.



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