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Hotel Review: The Venetian February 25, 2010

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Okay, this may be as much of a summary of our whole trip, but hopefully I will be able to relay my general feelings about the hotel, too.

Last year at this time, I insisted we plan a getaway for February 2010. We tried to plan it this weekend and that weekend. We had trouble finding a good deal. We had trouble getting someone to watch the boys and dogs. Finally, in January, Kim was able to pull it all together and got us a good deal at a five star hotel. She found it through BookIt.com.

Because of six inches of snow the morning of our flight (our largest snow thus far for the year), we got to the airport nice and early. Unfortunately, we were slow out of the gate, on the wrong side of the airport (it took 20 minutes to drive to the de-icing pad) and then it took another 30 minutes to de-ice the plan. That ate up all but 20 minutes of our lay-over in Charlotte. However, luck was on our side and we made it to our gate and our connection left on time. Seven hours of travel and we were in Las Vegas – 60 degrees is better than 20!

Right away, we were reminded what Vegas is all about. When we got on our shuttle, a “travelling salesman” jumped on. We went on with this spiel about how if we check out this new timeshare condo, we could get tickets to shows. We had a bad experience doing that on our first trip in 2003, so it set the tone for the weekend. Annoying!

We got to the hotel and went right to check in. The hotel clerk was very nice, but tried to up sell us from our package… $30/night more for this room… $100/night for that one… want a king instead of two queens… $30/night. Kim had spent a lot of time checking out all the rooms and different areas of the hotel, so we were good with what we had. We passed on all options.

But that did put doubt into our mind and we went to our room thinking it wasn’t going to be all that special. When we got there, it was what I would describe as beautifully decorated, classical Venetian style. It is was I would picture for an old Italian hotel with very nice furnishings. But I think it might have felt a little too old and cluttered. It also had a lovely view of the parking structure. So, we called the front desk and asked again about our options. We got an outstanding clerk who patiently walked us through all kinds of possibilities and at little or no additional cost… huh? OK! (That doesn’t seem like a thing five star hotel should be doing, but, whatever, this is Vegas, Baby!)

So, we opted to upgrade to the newly renovated tower, called the Palazzo. This was essentially a different hotel and casino with a more contemporary style. They were adjoining, so it was just a matter of trekking across an entire city block to get there. The new room, had a king bed (no charge) and was nicely decorated and clean. And it also had a great view of the Wynn golf course (some of the view green in the area) and the mountains in the background. (I will try to post the picture, although the colors do not come through well out the hotel room window.)

All the hotel’s amenities were nice. It was pain going from our room to our continental breakfast back in the “other hotel.” It was a very basic setup there, but allowed me to fill up and make it through to dinner time. I am not completely sure why they wouldn’t allow us to have it in our new section – but it was a nicer hotel and think we just didn’t warrant the additional upgrade. Yeah, we are NOT high rollers!

Unfortunately, in February, the weather is not quite warm enough to use the pools, so we did not even check it out. I did visit the spa/fitness rooms (yea, they have two large rooms for the two hotels). They were very well equipped. I felt more comfortable using the smaller, simpler room. But the larger fitness room had a four-story rock wall and tons of cardio machines as well as lot of weight machines. And it was a beautiful open room. No charge for them, which is good, because I was disappointed by the hours they were open – closed at 8pm? – I thought Vegas didn’t sleep! But they do offer access to their spa area for a fee that sounded reasonable for access to whirlpools and spas, if you want to use it for the whole day.

Next up, I need to write up my reviews of the two shows we saw. Part of our package deal for the hotel was the “Jersey Boys” which is right in the hotel. And we used the half price discounted ticket off (40% off actually) to get tickets to the Cirque du Soleil show called “Love.”



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