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Musical Show Review: Love by Cirque du Soleil March 5, 2010

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There are so many shows on the Vegas strip, including at least three Cirque du Soleil shows, it is hard to choose. On our recent trip, we had an extra night were we decided that if we found a good deal, we would take it. Now, we were not willing to waste our time going through one of the many timeshare offers, but outside of that, we wanted to find a good deal. I searched online and TicketMaster and other online sites were not that great of deals of the face value.

The place to go is Tix 4 Tonight. There are six of these counters along the Vegas Strip. We checked it out and managed to get 40% off the face value of our tickets. The way they work is for shows that night or in the next couple of days, you look into seats within one of several categories. They offered Category 2 or 3 tickets for $93 (the likely value was around $123) or Category 1 was only $110. I opted for the latter and we ending up sitting in the second row. For this show was nice, but any seat is probably good given the layout of this show (more on that later).

This is the second Cirque show we have seen in Vegas. In 2003, we saw O. I was enthralled by that one. Acrobats flying every which way and landing into pools built into the stage. It was amazing visual experience. But every Cirque du Soleil show is different. This one was both a visual and audible party. It has incredible characters and clowns going this way and that. But throughout the two hour show, a fantastic story was set to the memorable music of The Beatles.

Not to sound like a cliché (or tying into the current technology movement of the television market) this show comes at the audience in a complete three dimensional way. Artists are spinning from the ceiling, climbing out of the floor, flipping around on a see-saw fifty feet in the air, four roller bladers soaring off half pipes. The only downside of sitting as close as we were, we had keeping looking around to see everything. And one of the amazing parts of the show was how these ATHLETES were able to perform, non-stop for two-plus hours. It was a feast for the eyes and ears – quite an enjoyable show!



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