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Garmin Connect online community March 31, 2010

Posted by shwaldman in Fitness, Technology.
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I recently wrote this Nike Sensor Review. In it, I discussed the downside of my other device, my Garmin Forerunner 305… the lack on community. Well, I recently met a fellow runner who works across the street. He sent me his running routes from the Garmin website.

In the back of my mind, I think I knew that one existed, but never really took the time to explore it. But when I went back and looked at that review, I realized I had not given Garmin a proper chance.

So over the weekend I added many of my recent activities to the site. And today, I went back to take a look. But this is what I found:

The site is down. This points to the problem of cloud computing. In the past, I was just off-loading my running data into my laptop software, Garmin’s Training Center. But this site offers a way to see it from any computer any time… well, maybe not anytime. Granted this could happen to my blessed Nike website, but it hasn’t yet. What is the line? In the past, Twitter used to be down all the time and it really prevented people from sharing. And now, Twitter is everywhere.

I suppose in this age of instant and global communications. The question is not about if cloud computing makes sense. The question is why or how large companies can allow their online communities to experience downtime. The Internet is 24/7. Come on, Garmin.



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