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Running with @JillianMichaels March 31, 2010

Posted by shwaldman in Fitness, Technology.
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Today’s run was okay one. I tried to start off light, but found myself pressing throughout and my time actually slowed a lot more than my perceived effort showed or felt.

Today, I listened to a couple things in my Audio Smart Playlist. But the primary listen was a 2005 weekend show from @JillianMichaels. She used to have a WKFI radio show on Sunday mornings. This is a California based station, but the podcasts were stored off and are currently still downloadable through podcasts… iTunes lists it as “Jillian Michaels Podcast”, but more recent episodes are from her “biggest fan.”

The older shows are pretty interesting though. She goes through lots of fitness, workout and nutrition issues and takes calls from people with good and transferable questions. As someone who is looking to get fit, but not necessarily lose weight, I am starting to realize I need to do a better job to monitoring my caloric intake. I may burn 500-600 calories on a run, but how much do I eat?

Last night, I actually looked up my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) at this site. I had been reluctant to do so because I do not like the BMI (Body Mass Index) standard and thought this would be similar. And probably, it really is… these standards do not take a lot of factors into account. My BMI is 24 which is on the high side of normal, but I am really at my ideal weight by many standards.

So, in looking up my BMR, I need to figure out how accurate this system is. @JillianMichaels repeated refers people to look up their info, so at least she considers this a good baseline. But since I have no idea how many calories I eat, I can not say yet. But the BMR calculator says my baseline is 1862.78. I will report back once I have a better sense the true calories, I am taking in.



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