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Rough Friday Run at 75 Degrees April 2, 2010

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As the graph shows, today’s run wasn’t the greatest. But despite pausing for a couple of short walks, I managed my now regular 9:38/mi pace. I did try a couple of surges and today I ran the trail, so the terrain was a little more challenging.

I am up to 63 workouts (though that includes the shortest of walks with the kids and dogs) and 140 miles on my Nike+ since late January. Fifteen more miles and my status turns GREEN online. The more remarkable number coming from the sensor is the calories. By next week, I might break into the 20,000 calories burned level.

Not much to report of the podcast front here. I listened to another @jillianmichaels throwback radio show. She was talking about fitness myths or theories that had changed in recent year. She also mentioned a couple of times how she feels quite conflicted working for NBC on the Biggest Loser because they are forced into promoting products and working with contestants differently that how she would do it normally. And she had several thoughts on boosting your metabolism that she is not allowed to implement during the show tapings. It seems odd that they would not allow the trainers to really present the things that work for them. It goes to show that the show is definitely commercial in a lot of ways.



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