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Netflix on the Wii April 16, 2010

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I listen to and watch a lot of content online. Most of the shows are just clips, but shows like Anderson Cooper 360 and Rachael Maddow can be watched on TV or online – thirty to forty minutes long. Since they can be downloaded and watched later and in parts, it is very convenient. I could even listen to them while I commute, although I do stick to audio only podcasts while I drive. There is infinite other content that could be streamed too. I have watched a few Netflix movies online and of course Hulu.com is my favorite. Usually this was done on a small fifteen inch laptop screen. Once in a while I would hook it up to the TV and have 42″ of viewing space. But streaming through the computer I have found that I would get slight ten to thirty second pauses during each show.

Now Netflix has worked with Nintendo to bring the streaming experience to the Wii gaming console. Members can request the DVD be sent, but this one can be kept forever. Once the disc is inserted a quick software update is performed and the Netflix account is assigned to Wii console and it is ready to go.

To watch a video, it first has to be moved into the Instant Watch queue. This is easy enough through a web browser on a computer, but once you get the hang of it, it is even easier on the Wii console. Granted I hooked up the console to an Epson projector that creates a five foot image on a drop down screen and I now have a huge display to work from, but would definitely recommend that.

Of course the most important part of Netflix coming to the Wii is how the movie itself plays. I think we found it really played well. The picture was crisp and the streaming was clean. What this does for me is essentially add another option to view videos. Of course, I will be elated if and when Wii allows Hulu video streaming without another computer and special third-party software. Until then, I will continue to hook up my laptop, but at least I no longer need to do this when wanted to watch Netflix.



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