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Tech Review: Casio Elixim Phone July 26, 2010

Posted by shwaldman in Technology.
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This phone was released in the Spring/Summer of 2009. Over a year later (more than six months after I was eligible for a phone upgrade), I decided to take the leap. I did have a short term experience with the Samsung Intensity, but returned it after it repeated “butt-dialed” a co-worker (speed dial #8) even though it was supposedly “locked.”

I wanted the best phone I could get without a data plan. For me the best phone means having good battery life, good sound quality AND a good camera. I have a great Canon G9, but it isn’t something I like to carry around all the time. At the spur of the moment, it helps to have a camera, and since I always have my phone…

Unfortunately, the feature phones that have no data plans, have horrible 1.3MP cameras with no flash, no zoom, no controls. So, in comes the Casio Camera Phone. It is a perfect fit for what I was looking for. Granted it is a little bigger than my old feature phone, but for a 5.1MP camera with flash and zoom and several preset photo settings it does well. Of course, it also have Bluetooth and sync’d easily to Ford Sync.

I have not yet played with the MP3 capabilities, but the phone sound quality is good, both through the earpiece and through the speakerphone. I like the display that appears on the closed flip door – it gives time, reception bars and missed calls notification. The camera quality is decent. The shutter speed is a little slow so many of the photos are blurred when the subject is moving, but when you have still scene, the result is very clean.

And while the phone is ruggedized like other Casio phones, I am not necessarily willing to test mine by dropping it my pool. But it is good to know if I take it by the pool and one of the kids knock it in, I shouldn’t have a problem. I have been disappointed with the number of scratches that have appeared on the metal camera front side. The plastic flip/display side seems much firmer and scratch resistant, but it does attract finger prints. I do really like the flexibility of the flip/spin design of the display. It makes for easy use in many situations.

And as for battery life… I have been very happy with its charging time. Granted, I do not use my phone very much at all (sorry family!) but I can get 5+ days without setting it back on the cradle. Of course, that brings us to the cradle. Why oh why do companies create such proprietary accessories? (Yes, that is a rhetorical question.) It is annoying that I have carry around a cradle, but given I can get 5 days it isn’t a big deal. I can charge it on weekends and be good for the week.

All in all, I am very happy with this purchase. I have not butt-dialed anyone and have taken lots of good photos. I will try to post some here when I remember to get them off the phone.

Reviews from CNET and from G4



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