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What needs to be fixed in iOS4 for my Touch July 27, 2010

Posted by shwaldman in Fitness, Technology.
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The new iOS4 has been out about a month now and I am having mixed feelings about it. I definitely like the addition of the folders in the interface. I also like that applications (like Facebook and Mail) can update their icons to provide notifications. I am not sure how I feel about the fast task switching feature. I am not going to refer to it has multi-tasking since I feel that is not what it is. There are some applications that can go background processing, but in general, applications are just being stopped and returned to in the same state.

But my two biggest complaints about the new operating system is the wireless network function and the calendar sync. First, prior to the upgrade, known wireless networks would automatically connect and work. There was no need to go into Setting and Networks and reselect the new network. Now, I have to do just that… and I seem to have to do that each time I put it to sleep. This is painfully annoying. Sometimes, it will connect if I wait a few minutes, but that should not be the case. The second issue I have is with the calendar sync. Previously, I simply had the Sync Calendar option checked in iTunes and it brought over all my entries whenever I did a sync. Well, at some point during the upgrade (whether it was iTunes 9.2 or iOS4 is not clear) the check box become unselected. It took me a couple of weeks to notice that I was not getting updates, but once I did, I tried to recheck the box. That was my big mistake as it crashed and corrupted my local (.ost) mail file the next time I tried to sync.

I was able to create work around that I am “okay” with, but I suppose I am lucky in that respect. A while back, I started using Google Calendar Sync to copy (one way) my Outlook calendar out to Google so that my wife and I could see each other’s schedule. So, my work around is actually to pull this calendar down into my primary iOS calendar. It works fine, except that I get notifications from my wife’s calendar on my iTouch. But Apple, seriously, why would you be good with this? I know they added a bunch a functionality with single mailbox and additional features, so it obvious that just mistakenly broke my sync. Unfortunately, it seems like when this happens, Apple does not often go back and fix these types of problems.

Another thing that continues to be a disappointment is the Nike+ application. I feel like I can complain about that here because this is a joint venture between Apple and Nike to bring pedometer-like functionality to the iTouch and Nano. And the Nike+ application comes built into the OS like the calendar, mail and Safari browser applications. The primary problem is that Apple refuses to support flash web sites AND the NikePlus.com web site is built entirely in flash. I would not be as disappointed if Apple took the time to improve their application to incorporate more of the website’s functionality. Instead I have to visit the web site on another device (computer). I feel like this a bad way to support their relationship with a partner.



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