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Gadget Review: BodyBugg Calorie Management System September 24, 2010

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I originally bought this as a gift, but since I am the techie and like checking out gadgets, it ended up being me that used it. In case you are not familiar about this device, I first learned about it from watching the NBC show, The Biggest Loser. It is essentially a high-tech pedometer. It measures your movement with an accelerometer, but it also measures temperature and changes on your skin to see how hard you are working. In this way, it recognizes a completely different level of activity between walking 10,000 steps and running 5 miles (which technically are about the same distance) – but obviously running requires a much higher intensity of energy use.

The small device is strapped onto the upper left arm and can be worn about 5 days continuous without recharging. (Recharging from a low battery level took about 2 hours.) However, it is not waterproof, so it has to be taken off when showering and can not be worn for swimming. Someone has to explain to me why any company would make a fitness device like this and not make it waterproof. It makes no sense. What happens when you run in the rain… I didn’t test it to find out. Also, the base device does not have a display, so you have no idea what it is measuring. The optional watch is available (but I did not have) and costs about $50-70. The device itself costs about $200, but requires a subscription to the website system… this is how you see the information it is recording.

Primarily, the device records calories burned. To me, I agree with their concept that this is the most important measurement for weight loss. Calories consumed must be less than calories burned. And calories burned is dependent on metabolism and activity… Increased activity, increases metabolism. Of course, it is not THAT simple, but it is a simple formula that is the basis for the process. To that end, when the device is sync’d to the website through the USB cable, it produces charts like the following:

Users can enter in their food consumed to display accurate calories there. However, the system also estimates this number based on the weight gain or loss. I did not enter any foods, but as I lost weight, it figured out how much I must have eaten in order to experience that loss. (BTW – this is not my graph.) I am big into numbers and statistics, so I found this very interesting and helpful. But I can see it is not for everyone. In the end, I lost 10 pounds in about 2 months because I cut out some extra snacking and upped my exercise/activity level. Did the BodyBugg do this for me? No, but it helped remind me of what I was trying to do.

With this realization, I ended up selling the device to another person who could also take advantage of what it teaches. I think it is a useful tool and can be used to keep people on track and able to monitor what they are doing (or not) with their bodies.



1. Jennifer - September 24, 2010

I love my bodybugg! Totally took me from couch potato to addicted to fitness!! I LOVE IT!! Been wearing mine for a little over a year.

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