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New Favorite Podcast: Fareed Zakaria GPS September 29, 2010

Posted by shwaldman in Politics, Society.
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I know there is no such thing as an unbiased viewpoint. Every person, even the best reporter and journalist brings with them a unique perspective shaped by their experiences. And on television today, individual networks have completely segregated themselves into categories of political and social categories. For me, I find CNN to be the actual “fair and balanced” viewpoint, as opposed to the network that very incorrectly uses that as their slogan.

I have watched the Anderson Cooper 360 podcast for a while now. He does a very good job of covering national issues. I feel like he tries to ask the tough questions and gets to the heart of controversies, running a regular slogan of “Keeping Them Honest.” The network is able to draw on lots of highly qualified contributors from both sides of the spectrum.

Unfortunately, AC 360 is very local and we live in a very global society now. So, in looking for another show to get international current events, I wanted a similar open and honest perspective. And so far, I think I have found it in a show called Fareed Zakaria GPS. GPS stands for Global Public Square (in this case) and I think it reflects the open dialogue that I connect with. Again, CNN is able to access many resources with a diverse background that provides a more honest, clear reporting.

The Fareed Zakaria show only airs once a week (Sundays, I think) and Anderson Cooper’s show is on Monday through Thursday. And while the entire show is not on their podcasts, it does eliminate commercials and I am sure lots of fluff. And of course, I find the convenience of being able to watch the podcast anytime, anywhere on my computer or my ipod. I highly recommend everyone checking these out.



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