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Movie Review: Inception February 16, 2011

Posted by shwaldman in Society, Technology.
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Netflix Synopsis: Oscar-nominated for Best Picture, this unnerving sci-fi thriller stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb, who earns a tidy sum infiltrating the dreams of corporate titans to steal their most closely held secrets. Tapped by a rich industrialist (Ken Watanabe) for a job involving a rival’s heir, Cobb marshals a team of specialists that includes his right-hand man (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), an architecture student (Ellen Page) and a chemist (Dileep Rao).

Let me start by saying, if you have not seen this movie yet and you liked the movie “Memento,” stop reading and go watch this now. That is the second time I have referenced “Memento” recently. I am not sure if that means I need to revisit that movie or movies are seemingly more like this innovative movie from the year 2000. In either case, this movie was mind boggling. It was hard to get into at first and I had to stop and restart a couple of times, but once I got into it, I was locked in. Like the other time shift movies I have referenced here, I really had to focus to understand the movie.

As has become expected, Di Caprio gives an outstanding performance. But honestly, that did not matter. The storyline of this movie was so complex and engaging that many actors could have pulled off his role. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page were also both excellent in their supporting roles. But the driving force of this movie was the illusion and the way dreams work within our brains. Again, the words I would use for this movie are “mind blogging” and “intriguing.” Enjoy this one!



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