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Movie review: Just Go With It March 12, 2011

Posted by shwaldman in Family.
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Netflix Synopsis: When plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee lies to his girlfriend that he is a divorced family man, he recruits his office manager and her children to role-play as his ex-wife and kids — generating a flood of farcical results and unintended consequences.

This movie creates another interesting pairing in Sandler and Aniston. Sandler is often an over the top comic. He knows how to push the limits of his jokes and then there is sweet, Jennifer Aniston who usually just dips her toe into comedic waters without ruffling any feathers. For this movie and storyline, this combination was perfect. The two of them played off each other in a way that matched their characters, like two loving friends.

And the supporting three was spot-on too. I am not a huge fan of Nicole Kidman, but she is a very good actress and played the fake personality sorority sister well. And I have not seen much of Nick Swardson’s work before, but thought again he was cast perfectly for this role. He played the silly, fun character so well. And finally, Brooklyn Decker played the gorgeous role of Sandler’s dream girl – not a stretch for her either. Oh, and Bailee Madison was amazing – hard to believe she is only eleven years old!

So, without giving anything anyway, that about sums this movie up. It was very entertaining and funny throughout. They could not have put together a better cast – they gelled into a quality, good hearted, fun movie.



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