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Movie review: Just Wright March 12, 2011

Posted by shwaldman in Family, Society.
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Netflix Synopsis: Good-hearted physical therapist Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah) is looking for romance but keeps finding duds until she meets professional basketball player Scott McKnight (Common). When Scott suffers a major injury, it’s up to Leslie to save his career. Leslie and Scott become close as they work together, but Leslie’s beautiful, gold-digging childhood chum — who is also Scott’s estranged girlfriend — threatens their relationship.

In our second “Just… ” movie of the weekend, we watched “Just Wright” on DVD. Queen Latifah is an impressive woman. She may have started out as a humble street rapper breaking down feminine barriers, but she is a proven entertain on stage and screen. She was amazing in “Chicago” and while this was a very different role and movie, she was wonderful again. I suppose all the same can be said of her male counterpart, Common.

This was another fun, entertaining movie. Both Latifah and Common played roles that I see them being in real life. They feel like down-to-earth, real people. Despite circumstances, they stay true to themselves and show caring and dignity in every way. They are the role models people should be looking up to instead of all the crazy celebrities that seem to always make the headlines.



1. CMrok93 - May 26, 2011

I wanted to like this mainly because of Queen Latifah, but the non-stop cheese and predictable turns this story took really just bothered me. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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