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Letter to my elected officials March 24, 2011

Posted by shwaldman in Politics, Society.
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To my Elected-Officials,
I am a resident of Milford, MI. I moved to Michigan in 2001 having grown up in Pennsylvania and living for a while in Virgina. I truly love living in Michigan for all the natural resources. But now that I have two young children, I am more concerned about protecting the educational and economic environment of our state.

I am gravely concerned that the actions being taken to reconcile the budgetary issues are going to cause more problems than fix. I completely agree that in order to get out from under the problems we face requires a shared sacrifice. But what is being proposed is not equal or fair sharing. The need to draw new businesses and industries seems to be taking a precedence over helping the people of Michigan who elected you to office. But reducing funding to schools, we are destroying the future opportunities of all children in the state. By reducing taxes to businesses we are giving back more profits to people who are already successful. Let me be very clear, tax give backs DO NOT CREATE JOBS. They only create more profits. Sure, the business owners have the OPTION to hire more people. But why would they hire more if their consumers can not afford their products or services? Or who are they selling to if the people who live here have to move to find new jobs that pay enough for them to afford these products? Or who are they going to hire if the people are not educated enough to fill their roles?

The first priority of the state needs to be to educate it’s children, not cater to businesses. Please consider this message as you approach the budget deadlines in the coming months. I hope that the great state of Michigan can recover from this low place to become great again. I am afraid I am part of one family that might have to move out of state to find work and find educational opportunities for my children. I really hope it does not come to that.

Thank you for your service and time.



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