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Movie Review: Hall Pass July 29, 2011

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Netflix Synopsis: Owen Wilson stars as a married man whose spouse (Jenna Fischer) grants him the right — for just one week — to pursue as many extramarital affairs as he can. His best buddy (Jason Sudeikis) receives an identical “hall pass” from his wife, and off the guys go. The hubbies soon discover, however, that picking up girls isn’t as easy as they recall, while their better halves embark on their own erotic adventures. Bobby and Peter Farrelly direct.

To me this is not your classic Farrelly brothers movie. This movie was funny in the same ways, but it had a more serious underlying theme. Owen Wilson plays his classic clueless, harmless guys-guy and Sudeikis plays his clueless and “dangerous” friend. The movie takes place over the course of about a week, but it felt like a month. There was a lot going on and in classic Farrelly brothers fashion, none of it good. I guess I was disappointed with the predictability of the movie and it seemed to ramble on. With some laugh out loud moments and some serious repercussions of the characters actions, it had a tough line to draw. It tried, but it could have used a little less of the expected scenarios.



1. CMrok93 - August 17, 2011

Nice Review! Although, I didn’t laugh as much as I would have liked to, I was still happy to see The Farrelly Brothers back to their raunchy form. Also, Wilson and Sudeikis make an amusingly goofy pair. Check out my site whenever you can!

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