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Movie Review: Bad Teacher July 30, 2011

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Netflix Synopsis: Cameron Diaz stars as Elizabeth Halsey, a scheming and coarse-tongued middle school teacher who gets dumped by her wealthy boyfriend and rebounds by sinking her claws into a handsome substitute teacher (Justin Timberlake). There’s just one problem, though: He’s already dating Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch), the most revered teacher on campus. And Ms. Squirrel is not at all eager to hand over her beau, who is slated to inherit his family’s fortune.

I can’t say I am the biggest fan of Cameron Diaz as an actor. The last movie two movies that were any good I thought she was any good in were Something About Mary (but Ben Stiller was the star there) and in another movie Jim Carey carried the film, The Mask. It was probably both of their break out hits, but since then he has made great movies and she still relies on her looks. This movie was no different. Timberlake is a character – I love his skits when he shows up on SNL and Luc Punch was a great supporting actress, played a great crazy person.

This was a funny look at life behind the classroom. I suspect many dedicated teachers might be offended by this. But the parody of after-school life was funny and light-hearted. It perfect for a good laugh and okay if aren’t looking for something serious or you get offended easily.



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