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Movie Review: Cedar Rapids August 4, 2011

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Netflix Synopsis: Terrified of leaving his tiny town for the first time, sheltered insurance salesman Tim (Ed Helms) nervously sets out for the bright lights of bustling Cedar Rapids, where he attends a chaotic insurance convention and learns how to survive in the real world. Miguel Arteta directs this delightful fish-out-of-water comedy that also features Sigourney Weaver, Rob Corddry, John C. Reilly and Anne Heche.

Ed Helms, the quirky salesman from the Office TV series, plays another quirky sheltered salesman in this comedy. This time he sells insurance instead of paper. This movie proves my recent recognition of a required threesome for a comedy to work. Helms teams up with Reilly and Isiah Whitlock Jr. to help Helm’s character break out of his shell at the convention. And this threesome creates some funny moments, mostly from “Tim’s” naivete and Dean Ziegler’s (Reilly character) craziness.

The threesome works comedically and when you add Heche’s character, a woman looking to escape her normal life back home, you get a sensitive and romantic side to the movie. This isn’t a great movie. Despite the decent tier B stars, the movie clearly had a low budget. But it is a charming movie that has a good laugh, brings in the lighter side of life, while at the same time, helping recognize the reality of our lives. Enjoy it, just don’t expect too much.



1. CMrok93 - August 17, 2011

Great Review! What makes it work is the real sense of warmth and affection that grows between the characters, lending the film an appealing sweetness that has become all too rare in American comedy. Check out my site whenever you can!

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