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Movie Review: Midnight In Paris August 4, 2011

Posted by shwaldman in Movies, Society.
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In this bittersweet dramatic comedy, legendary director Woody Allen focuses his lens on a young engaged couple whose experiences traveling together in Paris make them begin to question the kind of life they want to live as a couple.

I am not a huge fan of Woody Allen movies. His comedic sense is a little too dry for my taste. But, while this movie was a bit slow, the historical nature of the plot drew me in… another time travel movie – I should have known. Owen Wilson plays his typical distracted character, but it worked yet again. McAdams did a decent job to play something a bit less appealling than her normal roles.

I must include that my wife did not like this movie and may have walked out if I wasn’t there (after she woke up). But again, the way this movie moved through time and brought in characters from history kept me engaged and made me want to see what was next. Without a lot of historical knowledge of the time periods, it was a bit hard to follow at times, but I had to let it be okay. Being set in Paris, it had an aire of superiority in this respect and this made me feel like a dumb American. But I did make it through a Woody Allen movie, so I gave my self a little credit.

Since I am not that into his movies, I am not sure how to recommend this to his fans – I am sure they would see it anyway. For the rest of us, if you like history and the infusion with current times, it is worth checking out. If you see it, let me know your thoughts in the comments.



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